August 8, 2022

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Good news for PNB account holders

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Punjab National Bank has allowed its new account holders to use the old checkbook till June 2021. This exemption has been given to those customers who were earlier customers of Oriental Bank of Commerce or United Bank of India and have now become customers of PNB after the merger of these two banks with Punjab National Bank. Old customers of Off Commerce and United Bank of India are allowed to use the old checkbook till June 30. From July 1, his old checkbook will become illegal and to avoid any trouble, he has to get the new checkbook made from the bank before that.

  • PNB gave relief information on Twitter

The government has merged many small banks into big state-run banks, after which the information related to the accounts of the customers of these small banks has changed. It also contains checkbook, passbook and IFSC code. The old checkbook, passbook and IFSC quote will become invalid after the change of these information. However, Punjab National Bank has given great relief to its customers by giving exemption to use the old checkbook. PNB has given this information from its official Twitter account.

  • Know where to get a new checkbook?

Punjab National Bank said in its tweet that customers joining PNB from Oriental Bank of Commerce and United Bank of India can get a new PNB check book through branches, internet banking service, mobile banking service and ATM. The old checkbook of these customers will be valid till June 30.

  • IFSC code can be detected through SMS

Punjab National Bank has already issued a new IFSC code and MICR for all new customers. Customers have also been informed about this through SMS or mail. If a customer has not received his new IFSC code and IMCR, he can send SMS to 9264092640 by writing UPGR <Space> <last 4 digits of account number> from his registered mobile number. Apart from this, toll free numbers 1800-180-2222 and 1800-103-2222 of PNB can also be contacted. Account holders can also tell their problems by emailing [email protected]

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