August 4, 2021

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IIT Kanpur’s study: Election rallies and Kumbh will not have much impact

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The second phase of Corona in the country will be in the first week of May. Most patients will be found during this period. This claim has been made in the study of Professor Padmashree Manindra Agarwal of IIT Kanpur. Manindra and his team studied the average case of Corona received in the last 7 days in different states of the country.

According to Agarwal, the Peak of Corona has arrived in Maharashtra. Here, in the next few days, instead of increasing the number of infected people will start to decrease. At the same time, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Delhi, and Rajasthan will get the maximum corona patients between April 20 and 30. If we take the data extracted from the computer-based model, then at the time of the peak, Uttar Pradesh will have the highest number of 32,000 cases in a day. After this, the figure will be around 30,000 in Delhi, 11,000 in West Bengal, 10,000 in Rajasthan, and 9,000 in Bihar.

More outbreaks of corona from the crowd gathered in Kumbh and election rallies. Manindra Aggarwal said that this will not happen. In some cases, there will definitely be an increase, but no effect will be seen which will worsen the situation in the country. Pro. Agarwal’s question is that those who are telling the reason behind the rise of cases in Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu to rallies and meetings, what reasons will they give for Maharashtra and Delhi? He says that these events were held in an open space. In such a situation, the virus cannot spread much.

Pro. Agarwal says that in the first phase of Corona, ordinary and poor people were more vulnerable because they were compelled to work outside. They also did not have many rescue resources. During that time, people living in apartments, big houses had imprisoned themselves.

They further say that when the corona cases started decreasing and vaccination started, the people living in big houses also started coming out of the houses. The effect was that the same people were the most infected in this phase. Massive people are coming positive in every apartment. In the meantime, different types of corona strains have also come, from which the infection spreads more quickly.

The data of many states including Madhya Pradesh is not yet clear

Pro. Agarwal said that the peak of Corona in Tamil Nadu is expected to arrive by May 6. However, this data is not completely clear yet. Similarly, the data of states like Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka is also not yet clear.

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