November 29, 2022

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India should not organize T20 World Cup 2021, former English veteran advised

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The second round of the Covid-19 epidemic in India has wreaked havoc. Every day the number of positive people in the country is more than 3 lakh these days, the number of people who died has increased a lot. This situation in India has affected the game including cricket. The T20 World Cup in India is scheduled to be held in October and November. The BCCI has decided to oraganise the World Cup matches in 9 cities and also if the impact of the corona virus is not reduced in the country, then all the matches of the tournament will be held in the Bio Secure bubble behind the closed door.

Now about the T20 World Cup to be held in India, former Australian cricketer Ian Chappell has said that India should not organize this tournament in this terrible situation. He said that, it should be a general thinking that this tournament should be shifted from Asia. However, the ICC has put UAE as another option. He said that, if it is organized in India, it will not be a matter of general knowledge. You can keep away the financial interest in this matter for some time.

These days, BCCI is organizing the 14th season of IPL in a safe environment. Although the tournament is being organized properly, all kinds of questions are being raised. In view of Covid situation in India, many foreign players have withdrawn their names from the league. Players like Kane Richardson, Riam Livingstone, Andrew Tay and Adam Jumpa have left the league. However, the BCCI is committed to make this league happen and says that they will create a safe environment for the players and they will return back home safely. PTI

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