September 29, 2022

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Intelligence branch of BSF informed : 15-year-old minor released by BSF from the clutches of smugglers

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The Indian broker kept the girl in her house for 2 days, where her fake Aadhaar cards were made. But when the broker was trying to get him across the international border, the BSF caught him. BSF South Bengal Frontier soldiers have liberated a 15-year-old minor Bangladeshi girl from the clutches of smugglers. The minor girl was rescued from smugglers on 24 March. BSF personnel have also arrested the broker in this case.

The Intelligence Branch of the BSF received a reliable information that suspicious movement of a bike rider was seen on Indo-Bangladesh border road in the area of ​​Border Outpost Tharali, 112th Corps. This bike rider was coming from Trali. According to the information, the man was trying to take a 15-year-old girl from Bangladesh to India.

Seeing his antics, BSF jawans stopped him, after which BSF jawans saw him coming towards him, the broker left the girl and started running away. However BSF jawans caught him. After this, the BSF personnel brought the minor girl and the broker for questioning in the border post Tarali.

In the initial interrogation, the girl stated that her name is Ruby (fictitious name) and she belongs to a poor family in Bangladesh. She also told that she has been suffering from paralysis for a year and came to India for treatment. The girl said that her aunt Manushi Bibi (fictitious name) who lives in Ashok Nagar, District North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India, asked her to come.

According to the girl, her aunt asked her to come to India and she would get her a job. After this, she came to India 3 days before crossing the Sonai river with the help of Bangladeshi broker, after which Abul Hussain handed it over to another broker. For this work, he gave 5000 rupees to a Bangladeshi broker. After reaching India at the same time, he had assured that 5000 rupees more.

The Indian broker kept him in his house for 2 days, where his fake Aadhaar cards were made. But when the broker was looking for the girl to cross the international border, the BSF caught her. The minor girl and the broker rescued from the smugglers were handed over to the police station Swaroopnagar for advance legal proceedings.

The South Bengal Frontier strongly condemned such a disgusting crime happening on the international border, and often said that the brokers often cheat Bangladeshi girls from their future by luring them more money and pushing them into the swamp of body trade and Bangladeshi girls are notorious for these infamous They are caught in the trap of smugglers. To prevent such crimes, the South Bengal Frontier has activated the Anti Human Trafficking Unit on the international border, which is constantly engaged in liberating such girls from the clutches of smugglers.

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