October 28, 2021

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Kitchen closed in train due to Corona: Shatabdi Express fare reduced, now food will cost separately

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Even though the Shatabdi Express running between Amritsar-New Delhi due to Corona lockdown has been started, but passengers are not showing any interest in traveling in Shatabdi Express.

With this, the facility of food is not being provided in the train now. The food money has also been reduced from the ticket. The kitchen inside the train has also been closed. Now people are being provided packaged food of private company, for which passengers are paying a separate price.

The Shatabdi Express between Amritsar-New Delhi was re-run from April 11 on the orders of Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal. Earlier, in the Shatabdi Express, food was provided to the passengers during the journey and the money for this meal was deducted from the railway during ticket booking.

After the lockdown, when the Shatabdi Express started on 11 April, it did not provide the facility of eating of passengers. The railway has closed kitchens preparing food for the passengers of Shatabdi and other trains due to the increasing cases of Karena.

After this, the railways decided that during the journey the passengers will be provided food and drink at the expense of the money. During the journey, passengers were provided with water, cold drinks, chips and food. During the journey, a packed packet prepared by the private company was provided to the passengers.

Only 82 passengers traveled on Wednesday

On the first day of the Shatabdi Express on April 11, about 150 passengers traveled in it. Railways had expected that there would be an increase in the number of passengers on a few days, but the passengers had turned their hopes on the railway’s expectations. On Wednesday 14 April, only 90 passengers had made the booking to go to New Delhi, but only 82 passengers traveled in this train.

It is noteworthy that Shatabdi Express has a total of 1204 seats and before the lockdown this train used to be completely filled.

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