December 8, 2022

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Mahakumbh 2021: Covid negative report compulsory for visit

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Mahakumbh-2021 has started in Haridwar from today. Devotees will have to bring the RTPCR negative report of covid-19 up to 72 hours in advance for the Ganga bath at Mahakumbh, which runs till 30 April. The devotees will not be able to take a bath in the Ganges without a negative negative report.

Devotees coming from the 12 states most affected by Corona will be specially monitored. The health department will conduct random sampling of the devotees in all the border and fair areas of the district. Devotees will not be able to stay in Dharamshalas and hotels without a covid negative report.

Kumbh Mela CMO Dr. SK Jha informed that random sampling will be done in the border and fair area. Random samples of one to two members of families coming from overcrowded states will be taken. All people positive on the border will be returned. Those who receive positives in the fair area will be isolated at the Covid Care Centers. 33 teams have been formed for investigation. Of these, ten are private and 23 are government. More than 10 thousand antigen samples will be taken daily.

  • covid check will be compulsory for travelers from 12 states

Passengers coming from 12 states susceptible to covid will be compulsorily corona checked at the state border. Upon confirmation of the infection, the passenger and his entire group will be returned.

The government has advised travelers from Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Rajasthan to bring the covid RTPCR report. If there is no RTPCR report, antigen screening of two people from groups or families coming from these states on the border will be done. The group will be returned if anyone returns positive. CMO Dr. SK Jha informed that 33 investigation teams have been deployed at 11 places including the state border, railway station and bus stand. At the same time, RTPCR investigation of pilgrims, merchants, Dharamsala and hotel operators will be done in direct contact with the devotees.

  • White balls made on the Ganges Ghats

To prevent the spread of corona infection, shells have been started on the Ganges Ghats. The devotees coming for bathing can be made to stand in the balls and follow the physical distance.

The growing Corona transition has increased the difficulties of government and fair administration. All steps have been taken by the fair administration. In the same sequence, from the main irrigation ghats of the Har ki Pauri  to the entire bathing ghats, the shells are being made in white color by the irrigation department.

The police and the employees of Shri Ganga Sabha will also make the devotees aware to follow the physical distance. Superintendent Engineer Manoj Kumar Singh of Irrigation Working Group, Haridwar said that a budget of Rs. Three lakh 87 thousand has been approved for making shells. The work of making shells has been started. From the approved budget, shells will be made on more and more Ganga ghats including Har ki Pauri  area to Rishikesh. According to the Corona Guideline, the distance between the white balls is kept.

  • Wearing slippers is banned in every padi area

The Kumbh police has banned the footwear of devotees visiting the Ganga Ghats of Har ki Pauri area on Wednesday late night wearing slippers. IG Kumbh Sanjay Gunjyal says that the devotees will have to leave the shoes, slippers in the hotel, Dharamshala and in their own vehicle. On the other hand, he has warned of penalty action if the passengers staying in Dharamshala are not verified.

  • Haridwar residents will also have to bring a report

Haridwarites returning from 12 states struggling with the second wave of covid will also have to bring an RTPCR negative report up to 72 hours in advance. Local people and factory workers will not be given admission without a report. The administration has taken this decision in view of the increasing cases of corona in the district. DM C Ravi Shankar said that employees and local people working in various industrial units of the district will also have to show the RTPCR negative report when they come from these states. However, there is no compulsion of registration for the local people and employees. They only have to show the identity card.

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