September 27, 2022

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Malana: An ancient village and its history

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Parvati Valley is located in the northeast of Kullu valley of Himachal Pradesh which is quite famous among the tourists coming from home and abroad. In this Parvati valley, Chandrakhani and Deotibba are villages  surrounded by two hills where the oldest democratic system of the world still remains today.

Located very close to the river Malana, this village is called Malana.

The democracy of this village is the oldest democracy in the world.

People know very little about this village, which is why it is called the most mysterious village in India. This mysterious village still has the oldest republic in the world. The people of the village do not abide by the Constitution of India and run their own republican system.

Malana- An ancient village

Malana is a very ancient village. The people living in this village have their own lifestyle and social structure. These people are still isolated from the modern world and completely unaffected and follow their customs very strictly. Many researches have been done about the people of the village and their language but not much is known.

The mysterious language that the people of this village bring into their conversation is known as Raksha (kanashi / Raksh) language. People also call this language monster dialect. According to researchers, Malana’s language does not match any of the surrounding languages. It seems to be a mixture of culture and many Tibetan languages.

History of Malana village

The history of Malana village is very old. It is said that long ago there used to be a Jamlu sage in this village who is mentioned even today in many of our scriptures and Puranas. Many facts also point to the fact that Jamlu sage is worshiped before the Aryans. He was the one who made the rules and regulations of this village which are still in force.

The inhabitants of Malana are considered to be descendants of Aryans. While according to many other traditions, these people consider themselves descendants of Alexander. Akbar is also worshiped in this village because Akbar used to come to Malana for his treatment and after recovering he freed the villagers from taxes.

Social structure of Malana village

The social structure of this village rests entirely on faith and trust in Jamlu Rishi. The administrative system of the village is controlled or operated through a Gram Parishad (by the rules of Jamlu Rishi). The total number of members in this Gram Parishad is 11 who are known as the representatives of Jamlu Rishi.

The decision taken by this council is final. In this village, no rules and regulations of outsiders are observed. The political system of this village is similar to that of ancient Greece due to which Malana is also called the Athens of the Himalayas.

Prohibited areas of Malana

There are many places in Malana village where outsiders are not allowed. There is a provision of prohibition of touching things and fines even in places where there is exemption to go. The people of the village do not allow any outsider to touch their places of worship, temples, monuments and artefacts.

If anyone touches, he/she has to pay a fine. Indeed, the people of Malana believe that outsiders are impure. If an outsider touches the houses, temples and people here, he is fined. From this money the animal is bought and sacrificed for purification.

Everyone wants to know and see about this mysterious and unique village. That is why thousands of tourists come here every year. But no one is allowed to stay in this village. Tourists can stay in tents outside the village.

Global craze for Malana cream

Another reason why most people visit Malana is Malana Cream. You may be wondering what this thing is. In fact, marijuana grown around the village is called ‘Malana Cream’. Malana cream is considered to be the best charas in the world. This is due to the high quality oil found in charas of Malana. Marijuana (cannabis) grown around the village is called ‘Malana Cream’.

The High Times Magazine Cannabis Cup in 1994 and 1996 has given it the title of Best Marijuana. It is cultivated in large quantities in Parvati Valley. However, the police conduct campaigns from time to time to reduce its production or stop its sale. But day by day its popularity is increasing. PTI

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