August 8, 2022

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Manmohan Singh and Amit Shah’s promise to the people of Assam at CAA

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He appealed to the people of Assam that religious divisions were taking place in the state and that they should vote wisely. ” You have to vote for a government that cares about all citizens, all communities. ”

“You should vote for a government that ensures the development of all and puts Assam on the path to peace and development once again.”

He also made five promises on behalf of the Congress to the voters of Assam.

He said that CAA would not be implemented in the state with the coming of Congress grand alliance government, five lakh government jobs would be provided.

“The wages of tea workers will be increased to Rs 365, each household will be given 200 units of free electricity and housewives will be given 2,000 monthly income.

According to another report in the Indian Express, Union Home Minister Amit Shah addressed four rallies in Assam on Friday.

Speaking in the Barak Valley, he said, “Refugees will be granted citizenship but intruders will be expelled.” In this way, he gave a clear signal of the implementation of CAA.

Speaking at another rally in Silchar, Barak Valley, he said, “If the BJP comes to power, terrorism and protests will end, but if the Congress comes, they will continue.”

He said laws would be enacted in Assam against “love jihad” and “land jihad”.

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