December 1, 2022

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new traffic rules: Now the challans of the vehicle will not be paid after deducting

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There is good news for drivers. Now if the traffic police has cut the challan then no money will have to be paid. It is necessary to follow the traffic rules. According to the new Motor Vehicle Act, there is no provision for punishment for not showing RC, Insurance Certificate, Pollution, Driving License and Permit Certificate. If the invoice is cut off if the document is not shown to the police immediately, then it can be canceled by going to the court. In such a situation, drivers will not have to pay the fine.

As per section 139 of the new Motor Vehicle Act, a driver has 15 days to present a document. The traffic police cannot immediately clear the challan. If the traffic police deducts the challan, it is not necessary to fill the challan. Traffic police challans can be challenged in court. According to the rules, a child over 4 years of age will be considered as the third ride. According to Section 194A of the Motor Vehicles Act, violation of this rule attracts a fine of one thousand.

At the same time, driving license and other documents can be saved in Digi Locker. The driver can show a soft copy if traffic police ask for a driving license or another document. According to the new traffic rules, it is not necessary to keep the documents physically. If the traffic officer wants to cancel the license, he can do so through the web portal. The behavior of the driver will also be seen in the Motor Vehicles Act. At the same time, any vehicle or driver will be verifiable, its information will be uploaded on the portal. An e-challan will be issued if the traffic rules are violated.

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