August 8, 2022

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PM Modi said- to save the country from lockdown, state governments should use it as a last resort

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed that the country has to be saved from it. I would also request the states to use lockdown as a last resort. “We have to try our best to avoid lockdown. We have to focus on the micro-content zone,” he said that I urge the state administration to keep the confidence of the workers alive, urge them to stay where they are. The vaccine will also be given in the next few days and their work will not stop.

The Prime Minister said that I request my young comrades to help in enforcing the Covid discipline by forming small committees in their society, in the locality, in the apartments. If we do that, governments will not need to create containment zones, impose curfews, or lockdown. “I want to say one thing in particular to my childhood friends,” he said. Create an atmosphere in the house so that people do not go out of the house without work, without any reason. Your persistence can bring huge results.

PM Narendra Modi said that the country is fighting a big battle against Corona again today. The situation had improved till a few weeks ago and then this second wave of Corona came like a storm. I feel the pain you are right, the pain you are enduring. PM Modi said, ‘People who have lost their loved ones in the past. I express my condolences on behalf of all the countrymen. I share your grief as a family member. ‘

He said that the challenge is big but we have to overcome it together with our determination, courage, and preparation. PM Modi said, “This time in the Corona crisis, the demand for oxygen has increased a lot in many parts of the country.” This subject is being worked on fast and with full sensitivity. The central government, state governments, private sector, all are trying their best to provide oxygen to everyone. The Prime Minister said that measures are also being taken at various levels to increase oxygen production and supply. Every effort is being made to have new oxygen plants in the states, to supply one lakh new cylinders, medical use of oxygen being used in industrial units, oxygen rail.

Narendra Modi said that by introducing vaccination for people above the age of 18, the vaccine will be available to our workforce in the cities. Anyone over the age of 18 can be vaccinated after May 1. Now half of the vaccine that will be made in India will also go directly to the states and hospitals.

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