August 15, 2022

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Report: One month ‘lockdown’ at national level may result in two percent loss in GDP

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US brokerage company BofA Securities warned on Monday that if a month-long ‘lockdown’ is imposed at the national level in India, GDP (GDP) could fall by up to 2 percent.

The brokerage company has expressed the hope that a ‘lockdown’ will be put in place locally to prevent the spread of the Kovid epidemic. Analysts at BofA Securities said in their report that there were 35,000 cases of C

covid a month ago which has now increased seven-fold to over 2.61 lakh. This poses a risk to what was just the initial phase of revival.

According to the report, “it remains to be seen whether the second wave of Kovid-19 will end without a ‘lockdown’ at the national level.” At the national level, if a ‘lockdown’ is imposed for even a month, there could be a loss of one to two per cent of GDP. ‘

It states, ‘Given the high economic cost, we estimate that the central and state governments strictly enforce the regulations (masks, reasonable distances, etc.) for prevention of Kovid-19, night curfew and lockdown at the local level’ Will try to curb this.

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