October 7, 2022

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Thackeray apologizes for fire in hospital Maharashtra

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“I apologize to the family of those who died”, CM Thackeray’s statement after taking stock of the fire in the hospital. A total of 78 people were admitted to the hospital, out of which 10 have died, the remaining 68 have been sent to another Corona hospital or their homes. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has apologized to the families of those killed in the Covid Hospital fire in Bhandup, Mumbai. After taking stock of the damage caused by the fire in the hospital on Friday, Uddhav Thackeray said while speaking to the media, “If there is any mistake or ignorance , action will be taken against those who died.” Let’s apologize to their family. The fire brigade did a good job, but some people who were on the ventilator could not save them. They probably needed more preparation to shift. Most of the people who died were on the ventilator. “

The Chief Minister said that it will be taken care of if such incidents do not happen in future. He said that the fight has been fought against the corona for the last one year and when the corona started, beds were not available, so temporary hospitals were built in many places and under the same plan, the hospital in Bhandup’s mall would also be built. Permission was granted. The Chief Minister informed that compensation will be given to the families of those killed in the accident. However, the Chief Minister has not announced any compensation at present. Uddhav Thackeray said that whenever such incidents happen, only the eyes are opened, he said that he had asked all the hospitals to conduct a fire audit 2 months in advance so that such incidents do not happen. The Chief Minister said that the fire in Bhandup’s mall could be due to a short circuit in a shop or office running below the hospital and from there the fire has spread throughout the hospital. A total of 78 people were admitted to the hospital, out of which 10 have died, the remaining 68 have been sent to another Corona hospital or their homes.

Leader of the Opposition in the state Assembly Devendra Fadnavis has targeted the Uddhav thackeray government in the case of a fire at a Covid care hospital in Mumbai, a metropolis in Maharashtra. Former Chief Minister and BJP leader Fadnavis said, ‘After the death of the government and how many will wake up. There should also be a quick fire audit in Make Shift Hospital. He said that this incident should be thoroughly investigated and action should be taken against those who are guilty. The Chief Minister will have to take responsibility.

Former CM Fadnavis said that no matter how anyone gets permission due to corruption in BMC, such works should be curbed. After the Bhandara fire incident, the fire audit of all the hospitals was announced by the Chief Minister but it does not seem that any hospital fire audit was done. Fadnavis said that there was a lot of difficulty in the rescue work, the BMC and the government’s negligence in this incident is seen.

Regarding the transfer-posting case, Fadnavis said that after seeing the report of Chief Secretary Sitaram Kunte, it seems that he did not, but Jitendra Awhad or Nawab Malik have made the report. The Telegraph Act clearly stated that if there is any crime, then this work can be done, but this line itself has disappeared from this report. Nawab Malik opened this report. He has made this report public. At the appropriate time, we will keep our point in the court as and when required.

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