September 29, 2022

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The election campaign for the second phase, Amit Shah and Mithun Da handle : West Bengal

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Election campaign for the second phase of West Bengal Assembly Election 2021 will stop from today. But today in the election campaign, BJP and Trinamool Congress are ready to throw their strength. In such a situation, on behalf of the BJP, Home Minister Amit Shah is going to take the front in Bengal today. On the other hand, Mamata Banerjee will also enter the field today to campaign. Explain that Mithun Chakraborty, who recently joined the BJP, is also going to campaign today.

In Nandigram, Subhendu Adhikari and Mamata Banerjee are facing each other. Voting is also to be held in the second phase in Nandigram. In such a situation, Amit Shah, Mithun Chakraborty and Shubhendu officials will be seen campaigning on behalf of the BJP. Let me tell you that Nandigram seat has become the hottest seat in West Bengal at the moment. In such a situation, both TMC and BJP are engaged in throwing their strength in Nandigram. The BJP is claiming defeat of Mamata Banerjee. Amit Shah is going to do a road show from Reyapara Bridge to Shivmandir from 12 noon. Meanwhile, Mithun Chakraborty is going to do a road show in Pole Bound State.

While the BJP is claiming the defeat of Mamata Banerjee. But on the contrary, Mamata Banerjee is claiming to form the government again in the state. Mamata Banerjee is constantly taking an aggressive stance against the BJP. In this situation, Mamata Banerjee herself is going to take the front in Nandigram today. During this time Mamata Banerjee will hold 3 rallies here as well as a road show from 11 am.

The second phase of voting, voting is going to be held on 30 assembly seats of 4 districts. Although some violence has been seen in the first phase of voting, but at the moment the situation is under control. The second phase will be held on April 1 and today the election campaign will stop for the second phase.

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