October 7, 2022

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Third Naxalite attack in 23 days

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Two policemen have been murdered just half a kilometer from Bheji police station in the Sukma district of Chhattisgarh. The policemen who were killed were stationed in the Bhejji police station. There is also a police camp near the police station. On Thursday, both the soldiers were going towards the market by bike. Just then, by blocking their way, someone attacked the throat with a sharp weapon and escaped.

Villagers are not saying anything about this incident. SP KL Dhruv told that the incident is being investigated. The soldiers who have been murdered were Punem Haram and Dhaniram Kashyap. This is the third incident in 23 days of an attack on security forces in Chhattisgarh.

Suspicion of small action team of Naxalites

According to information received from rural sources, the small action team of Naxalites may be behind this murder. Such teams keep an eye on the policemen who came out of the camp. Such Naxalites living among the villagers are unable to identify and attack seeing this opportunity. Wherever the incident happened, the police personnel often go for drinking or work related to hospitals and markets.

Police denied involvement of Naxalites

Sukma police have said that a team reached the spot after getting information about the policemen lying on the road. There he saw that Poonam Haram of Sukma and Dhaniram Kashyap of Dantewada fell there. His neck was bleeding. Both were dead by the time police arrived. Police say that no information has been received about the involvement of Naxalites in this incident.

Earlier on April 3, Naxalites attacked security forces in Bijapur. 23 soldiers were martyred in it. At the same time, Rakeshwar Singh, a commando of CRPF, was taken hostage by the Naxalites, which was later released.

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