November 29, 2022

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Corona in Punjab: Captain writes letter to Center for supply of oxygen

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  • Punjab objected to linking Kota with Chandigarh
  • Demand to supply 120 MT of oxygen daily in the state

Seeing the lack of oxygen for Covid-19 patients, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh wrote a letter to the central government on Wednesday demanding uninterrupted oxygen supply to the state. He has also objected to the linking of the Punjab quota of oxygen with Chandigarh.

CM wrote a letter to Union Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan on Wednesday. In this, he demanded immediate consideration of the request for supply of uninterrupted oxygen by liquid medical oxygen (LMO) suppliers on a daily basis. He also appealed that 120 MT of medical oxygen be supplied daily to Punjab. This should be separate from the 22 MT portion to be given to PGI Chandigarh out of the quota of Punjab.

The Chief Minister said that the capacity to store medical oxygen in all the health care institutions of the state is 300 MT, but in the present situation its daily requirement in Punjab is around 105-110 MT. This requirement may increase to 150–170 MT in the next two weeks.

Central control group reduced allotment of Punjab

The Captain noted that the Central Control Group had allotted 126 MT of oxygen on 15 April, but this was reduced to 82 MT from 25 April. It is insufficient to meet the needs of the state. Apart from this, the Central Allotment Control Room has merged Punjab’s allotment with Chandigarh (22 MT). This has further reduced the share of Punjab.

The biggest problem in Punjab is that the supply to the producers and distributors and replenishing liquid oxygen is being done by the producers from outside the state as there is no LMO plant in Punjab. Along with this, the Chief Minister has also reiterated the demand for early installation of PSA plants sanctioned by the Central Government two months ago.

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