August 18, 2022

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Energy crisis: NRLDC refuses to provide additional power to Punjab, may cut more power in summer

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This time the difficulties will increase for the people of Punjab in the summer. Northern Regional Load Dispatch Center (NRLDC) in Delhi has refused to provide additional power to Punjab. NRLDC  has given the technical reason behind it. Due to this, there can be 25 percent more power cuts in the state at present time.

There was no need to impose more power cuts in the year 2020, but this time the situation is different. This time there is a demand of 14000 MW of power in the state, while PSPCL has 13596.35 MW of power available from all sources. This demand may increase by the next month. For this reason, Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) chairman-cum-managing director A Venu Prasad wrote to NRLDC demanding electricity. After the demand has been rejected, there is no option other than power cut.

This may be the solution

According to PSPCL officials, this problem of power cut can be overcome if two units of thermal plants lying closed at Ropar are started. But it is difficult for the state to do so. No preparations have been made in advance for this.

Three months is more problem

Electricity demand increases in the three summer months of April, May and June. 7200 MW was being consumed daily in the Corona period in 2020, but this time it is less.

Now it is to see how people survive the rising heat along with the corona

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