November 29, 2022

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Free travel spoiled the game: Roadways in Punjab loss of 11.5 crore rupees in 20 days, and the possibility of increasing

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The Punjab government has started the facility of free bus travel to make women happy, but this has added to the problems of Pepsu Road Transport Corporation (PRTC), already struggling with financial constraints. With this decision, he had estimated a daily loss of up to Rs 50 lakhs, but on an average it reached 58 lakh. It is expected to cross 65 lakhs daily in the coming days. It is also difficult for such PRTCs to pay salaries to their attendants and pension to pensioners.

From April 1, the government has started the facility of free travel for women in government buses. The PRTC estimated that the decision would result in a loss of up to Rs 50 lakhs a day, considering the average of a few days of female passengers boarding the bus, but the number of female passengers increased due to the free facility. By April, this figure reached 58 lakhs per day.

Now PRTC is expected to cross 65 lakhs by the end of the month. That is, by April 20, the PRTC has incurred a loss of about 11.6 million, which is expected to reach 17.40 crore by 30 April. Prior to this facility, the average daily income of the corporation was Rs 1.35 crore, which has now come down to 77 lakh. This has also made it difficult for the PRTC to meet its expenses.

Letter written to the government for advance payment

The PRTC has written a letter to the Punjab government demanding payment of Rs 58 lakh per day by April 15. For this, the expenses of salary and pension standing at the end of the month have been cited. In addition, there has been a request for payment of free bus journey in advance in future.

Due to Corona, buses are running at 50% capacity. Among them, the free travel of women has damaged the corporation. Has written to the government, hope to get money soon. – Surinder Singh, GM (Operations), PRTC

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