November 29, 2022

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Gifts for Lovers: No need to go to High Court, seek protection after marriage

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Punjab government prepared a proposal and gave it to the High Court, asked Haryana to give a copy

• asked to provide two helpline numbers and a new tab on the Internet

Those seeking protection of life and property by making love marriage against the wishes of the family will now get help sitting at home soon. The Punjab government has prepared a proposal in this regard and given it to the High Court. In this, hear  has to go to the High Court seeking protection of life and property, for this, it has been said to issue two helpline numbers and provide a new tab on the Internet.

Complaints can be given from the Sakhi Center through the Internet and the complaint will be forwarded to the DC concerned through this mechanism in 24 hours. Further, with the help of DC SSP or any committee, after assessing the danger of life, it will take necessary action within 48 hours. The High Court has ordered a copy of this proposal of Punjab Government to be given to Chandigarh and Haryana Government. At the same time, both have sought their favor on this matter. Justice Avnish Singh said that he hoped that the Punjab government would work on this proposal further and implement it as a better system. The High Court had earlier said that exceptional cases should come to the High Court in private. Otherwise couples should get help in their city itself.

The High Court said that in every tehsil or district of Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana, safe houses should be built for those who do love marriages against the wishes of the family. Apart from this, the Legal Services Authority should provide 24-hour help desk at all places. Telephone and internet facility should be available at the help desk. Physical presence will not be required due to the website being online module.

High Court said – Legal Services Authority should provide 24-hour help desk

During the video conferencing in the High Court during Covid, around 70 per cent of the cases were for those seeking protection through love marriage against the wishes of the family. The High Court also said in the judgment that such cases are increasing rapidly. The High Court had asked the District and Sessions Judge concerned to hear the case at the district level. Despite this, petitions continue to be filed in the High Court. In such a situation, Advocate General of Punjab and Haryana and Senior Standing Council of Chandigarh Administration should suggest in this direction so that the number of these cases in the High Court can be reduced. The High Court said that in a civilized society all adults have the right to choose their life partner.

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