May 24, 2022

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Inspiration: Unemployed but became a guide for the youth

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Many young people get frustrated and go astray when there is a small difficulty in life, and there are some young people who fight hard and set an example for others.

Such is the case with Gaurav Sood, a wrestler from Fatehgarh Sahib’s Old Sirhind, who was injured during a bout after which he could not play. But Gaurav’s interest in sports has not diminished.

Despite being unemployed himself, Gaurav is preparing the youth to join the police force and the army. More than 150 young boys and girls from different cities of Punjab have been recruited after receiving training from Gaurav.

Gaurav Sood, who was a wrestler and has fought many matches in Punjab, withdrew from the game due to an injury sustained during the game.

Gaurav is also 12th pass but Gaurav did not get any job so he started training the youth in Mata Gujri College, Fatehgarh Sahib. In return, if a trainee pays some money to Gaurav, then it is fine, otherwise Gaurav does not ask for money from anyone. He is training children from poor households to help them stand on their own two feet without paying.

Gaurav was promised a job by several ministers but no help was forthcoming. The livelihood of Gaurav’s family is running on the money received in return for training. Gaurav is seeking a job from the government in instead of  help.

Youngsters who are getting training from Gaurav consider Gaurav as a good coach. And they are also angry with the apathy of the government. They say that on the one hand the government is not helping and on the other hand the playgrounds are being closed quoting Corona. We want to build our career by working hard without government. What will we do if the grounds are closed in such a situation? PTI

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