May 20, 2022

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Mini Lockdown in Punjab: Protest against police in the streets of Barnala, against the new restrictions, on the streets

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Barnala, J.N.N. Mini Lockdown in Punjab: The anger of businessmen is erupting against the mini lockdown that took place till May 15 in Punjab. The traders of Barnala, led by Anil Bansal, the head of the Punjab Pradesh Trade Board, held a protest against the police in Sadar Bazar area Kuan. Businessmen have a displeasure that the government is harassing them. Shopkeepers are already suffering a loss of business due to the crisis. Now the government’s new guideline is going to increase further problems.

Discontent to force shops to be closed

 On this occasion, Principal Anil Bansal and other traders objected that on the one hand the police are not saying anything to the farmers where various farmers’ organizations are staging a sit-in, but the shops of the traders are being forcefully closed. On this occasion, the trade board has protested against the police and staged a fury. Punjab Pradesh Trade Board Barnala has demanded to open a rage picket shop in the main market of the city.

The police is petrailing in the market

Apart from this, most of the shopkeepers are standing outside their shops and they are watching the atmosphere. On the other hand, police squads have also started circling in the markets since morning. Crowd gathering is not allowed on the essential goods shops which have been ordered to open. In Sunder Nagar, the police started evacuating the crowd outside vegetable and dairy shops in the morning. PTI

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