December 1, 2022

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Playing will get extra numbers in the paper , new sports policy to be implemented in Punjab

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In Punjab, students will now get additional marks in the annual board examination for participating in national and state level sports. The state government is going to implement sports policy in the state for the first time to connect students with vocational sports. Students participating in the games will get a minimum of 15 marks in the examination. Sports Funds will also be created in schools under this policy.

There are 13309 primary, 1687 high schools and 1913 senior secondary schools in the state of Punjab. There are about 26 lakh students studying in these schools. Punjab government is going to implement sports policy in schools to provide bright future for students and to connect them with professional sports. This will be the first time that under the sports policy, students will be given extra marks in the results of the annual examination in a phased manner. Minimum 15 marks will be given in the examination results of the students participating in the games. For these additional marks, it will be compulsory for students to participate in state and national level sports. Under the policy, resources will also be mobilized to start sports activity in schools. Recently, a budget has also been released by the Department of Education for this work in schools. Under this policy, a sports fund will also be set up in schools, for which the Education Department has set fees for schools.

Which player will get how many points

At the national level, the students involved in the Games will get 25 marks for getting first place, 22 marks for second and 19 marks for securing third place. It is a matter of joy that participation in the Games will fetch a minimum of 15 marks In the state level competition, the player who gets the first place will be given 15 points, the second place 12 and the third place player will be given 9 points.

Fee set for Sports Fund

For students studying in government and aided schools, a minimum amount has been fixed for the Sports Fund to be created under the Sports Policy. In government and aided schools, students of 9th, 10th will have to pay Rs 15 per month and students of 11th and 12th will have to pay Rs 20 per month. A minimum fee of Rs 25000 and a maximum of Rs 1 lakh per annum has been fixed for private schools.

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