October 5, 2022

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Nidar, Nipakh, Nawi Soch

Politics in Punjab

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Issues of indecency and Kotakpura shooting have become a headache for Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh. In a one-to-one meeting with about 30 Congress MLAs from Malwa at their farmhouse at Siswan on Tuesday, all the MLAs presented the details of development works and shortcomings of their constituencies to the Chief Minister, while all in unison raised the issue of indecency and Kotakpura. Demanded to reach the end. The Congress MLAs made it clear to the Chief Minister that the state government was getting annoyed with the people over these issues and allegations were being leveled against the party that the Congress was defending the culprits of indecency and Kotakpura scandal.

Significantly, this was the first time for the Chief Minister on Tuesday, when the MLAs of the party openly questioned him on this issue. Although the Chief Minister assured all the MLAs that the whole matter would be resolved in time, the MLAs said that the state government should take the decision of the High Court to the Supreme Court soon, as the Opposition had raised the issue against the Congress. Using it as a weapon, it has started publicizing that the Congress government wants to hang the tax case in collusion with the Badal family.

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