January 28, 2022

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The future of Punjabi University researchers is in jeopardy!

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  • Siege of Dean Academic by researchers / students led by student organizations
  • Researchers demand withdrawal of anti-researchers notice: Student organizations

The Punjabi University Contract Teachers Association (PUCTA) is of the view that Punjabi University is going to hand over the future of the students of the educational institutions under its purview to the researchers in the coming days. Therefore, senior and junior research fellows will soon take classes  instead of teachers in these institutions. The university is scheduled to take a final decision in a meeting on Monday and Tuesday. This would pave the way for retrenchment of contract and guest faculty teachers while the students would be handed over to researchers instead of expert teachers. PUCTA President Dr. Lovedeep Singh said that the university has decided to cover the financial deficit now with contract teachers and the guest faculty should be made active. Therefore, the University has decided to provide classes to researchers instead of pre-contract or guest teachers in the Neighborhood Campuses under its purview. A letter has also been issued by the Dean Academic to the Colleges and Campus Heads. He said that it was stated that the workload of the institute should be distributed among the regular research fellows first. After that, if left, classes should be given to JRF and SRF. After this the contract should be given to the teachers and the rest to the guest faculty. Following this letter, the campus heads have started giving classes to the researchers being sent by the university.

The PUCTA president said that the university administration was preparing to lay off more than six contract teachers by implementing the matter. Which is being strongly opposed and will be taken to court.

In the past protest against anti-researchers decision of Punjabi University Patiala, the students agitated under student organizations and besieged the Dean Academic Affairs. In which they demanded to withdraw the notice issued by the administration. Students were not allowed to enter in the office so they were forced to break the channel gate. During protest, researchers of Punjabi University were standing around the academic and asking him for answers and then on one side came “Dean Languages” and Dean Holding the arm of the academic, he said, “Let me see, who will stop you?” Speaking in such a dean’s language does not even represent the responsibilities of the administrative officers of the university. Needless to say, to what extent he falls. I mean, a professor telling students, “I see you,” is the side of academic responsibility. This is a question that is searchable not only for university students but also for university teachers.

Let me tell you that by sending researchers, the university administration is zeroing the workload of the teachers who are already working so that they can be fired.

Dr. Pushpinder Singh Gill, Dean Academic Affairs, termed Pucta’s remarks as a bitter lie and said that according to the letter issued, the workload was being rationalized and this would be under the direction of UGC. He also dismissed the allegation of Pukta that the university administration was recruiting a certain number of teachers.

Questions by: All India Students Federation Punjab State Secretary (Varinder)

  • Are the words used by the ‘Dean Languages’ right to be spoken with the students?
  • Is it okay to fire teachers and increase the workload of the researchers?

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