September 29, 2022

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Unique controversy in New Anaj Mandi

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According to Rajiv Dabra- Torture for 3 hours, got a call for the gate pass of the car

In mandi, there is an Aadhat shop number 95. On Sunday, March 25, around 11 o’clock in the morning, Sunil Kumar of SS Brothers came to my number from shop number 122 located in Anaj Mandi and asked me to talk to him. I went to his office to discuss what to do. The head of the association Chhabildas Kedia, Sunil’s brother Sushil and his gunman.

They all kept talking to me on the issue of wheat lifting and kept pressuring me to lift wheat without shifting middlemen. I said this is not right. The one whose number is first, his wheat should rise. After a while, all the people sitting there, including the kedia, came to Tash and took me inside and hung me upside down and slapped me for the right hour, and beat me with sticks.

Sunil and Sushil’s gunman put the revolver to his mouth and started writing on the letter pad of the association on black paper. At the same time, they said that the vehicles will be loaded as we will burn. The vehicles that I had stopped yesterday, with the help of a revolver, got the society to cut the gate of a vehicle parked there.

After torturing him for two and a half to three hours, he said that if he took any action, he would kill you. He took the name of a great leader and said that he is his special man. Kedia said kill it as much as you can. He also took out 20 to 25 thousand rupees from my pocket and said that he would have to pay 25 thousand rupees every month. After his anger calmed down, I told my father Nirmal Kumar, and my brother’s fan that I am sitting here and all this has happened to me. Later all came to their shop and found the brokers.

As told by Rajiv Dabra, Secretary, Victims Mandi Association. Mandi traders dismissed Kedia in the meeting and formed an 11-member committee. As soon as they got information about the developments in the grain market, all the brokers and traders united. After this, all reached the temple premises of Mandi and started the meeting. He also called Chhabildas Kedia and Rajiv Dabra. Debra Tae reached, but Chhabildas did not come. After this, all the brokers present there decided that from today, Chhabildas will not be the head of the Kedia Mandi Association.

An 11-member committee has been constituted to look after the market and uplift the crops till the next elections. This committee will work under the leadership of Pawan Garg Asrawan, head of Anaj Mandi District Association. Apart from Pawan Kumar Garg, Raghunath, Van Gayal, Ved Prakash, Sandeep, Pankaj Rawalwasia, Ashok Kumar, Krishna Kumar, Krishna Kumar-2 and Mahen Bansal have been included in the committee.

The special thing about the mandi system

• Wheat is sold in the market through brokers. Wheat procurement is done through DFAC, Hafed, and FCI.

• The market, there are brokers close to Sai, who get two and a half percent price.

•Wheat lifting, labor and transportation work is done through the contractor.

• The responsibility of supervision and arrangement in the market lies with the market committee.

• This is how the controversy is going on, the stories that are coming to the fore about the rise in the Mandis.

As soon as the crops start coming into the markets, local brokers, transporters, and contractors become active with the procurement agencies. After bale, wheat picking is decided according to the shop number. But in this, some officials of the association and transporters and procurement agencies decide another name in the uprising by colluding with each other. In this case, the opposition parties have been alleging that Rs 3 is fixed per cut. This is how a game of tens of millions of rupees is played every year.

After the dispute, Bajrang Das Garg said – I am out of town today, I will come and talk

Bajrang Das Garg, head of Haryana State Chamber of Commerce and state press spokesperson of Congress, said that he is out of town today. After coming, they will negotiate with the right parties and go to the bottom. By the way, many traders are coming to him regarding the incident that took place in the market on Sunday.

Kedia’s son said- will settle the dispute by sitting down

After the arrest of Anaj Mandi Pradhan Chhabil Das Kedia, his son and Corporal Representative Praveen Kedia said that the incident that took place in Anaj Mandi was about raising wheat. The whole matter will be settled by sitting down. It is a matter of mutual brotherhood.

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