November 29, 2022

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Virat is the third Indian to captain in 200 matches

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  • Team wins in 63% of matches
  • Most after Ricky Ponting; Dhoni has captained in 332 matches

The third ODI against England is the 200th international match for Virat Kohli as captain. Virat has become the third Indian cricketer to achieve this feat. Among Indian players before him, only Mahendra Singh Dhoni (332 matches) and Mohammad Azharuddin (221) have been able to captain in so many matches. Before this match, Virat has won 127 out of 199 matches. That is, under his captaincy, Team India has won 63% of the matches. Ricky Ponting is the only player in international cricket who has captained in 200 or more matches.

Three players have captained in over 300 matches

Virat has become the eighth cricketer in the world to captain in 200 international matches. Out of the seven cricketers who have achieved this feat before him, 3 have captained in more than 300 matches. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is leading with captaincy in 332 matches. However, Ricky Ponting is at the forefront in terms of win%. Australia have won 67% of their matches under his captaincy.

Virat has captained in 95 ODIs

The 200 matches Virat has captained so far include 95 ODIs. Earlier, Virat has led Team India to victory in 64 matches in 94 ODIs. Among Indian players, Dhoni (200 ODIs), Mohammad Azharuddin (174 ODIs) and Sourav Ganguly (147 ODIs) have captained more ODIs than him. Apart from this, Virat has also captained in 60 Tests and 45 T20 matches.

The highest-scoring Indian batsman as captain

Virat Kohli has scored 12,343 runs so far under his captaincy. He is the highest-scoring Indian batsman as captain. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is in second place with 11,207 runs. In world cricket, there are only two captains ahead of Virat in this regard. Australia’s Ricky Ponting has scored 15,440 runs as captain. Meanwhile, South Africa’s Graeme Smith has scored 14,878 runs.

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