May 21, 2022

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Nidar, Nipakh, Nawi Soch

A vegetable garden to be seen on the Singhu border

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The protesters who are camping at the border have started sowing seeds and planting vegetable saplings in their surroundings. The protesting farmers carry on with their semi-permanent structures, mostly for accommodation purposes, many protesters have started sowing a variety of vegetables, which turned out to be kitchen gardens for the farmers.

Volunteers said that more such gardens will be made depending on the space and need. A farmer from Punjab’s Ludhiana district said: “The park was inaugurated a few days back, many children and women visit the park in the mornings. We have also decided to plant saplings and sow so that we can grow vegetables ourselves for consumption later.”

Several others added that other than beautification purposes, they have also started sowing in limited quantities. Joginder Singh, a farmer from Punjab’s Roopnagar district said: “People often come here to sell saplings. So we have kept a few along the boundary. He also added that we have been self-sufficient throughout and we intend to continue doing the same. We have survived harsh conditions all over these months and we are not moving from here.”

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