September 18, 2021

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Rahul Gandhi attacks at Centre over vaccine export, asks is it right to put Indians at risk?

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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi hit out at the Centre over the export of COVID-19 vaccine to foreign nations and asked if it is right to do so and put the lives of Indians in danger.

On Friday, Rahul questioned the export of COVID-19 vaccines and asked if it is right to do so and put the lives of countrymen in threat. He said vaccine shortage is a very serious problem during Corona times and is not a celebration.

Gandhi also called upon the central government to help states without any bias and help deliver them with more vaccines. “Insufficiency of the vaccine because of the rise in Corona cases is a very genuine problem and not a celebration,” he said in a tweet in Hindi.

“Is it right to export the vaccine and put our fellow citizens at risk? The central government should help all states without any bias. We all have to fight this pandemic together and quash it,” he added. Some states have been asking for more vaccines and the Congress is seeking the vaccine for all.

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan has said that 9.1 crore vaccine doses have been utilized, while 2.4 crores are in stock and 1.9 crore vaccines are in the pipeline, indicating there are sufficient doses available for all states.

He also dismissed as “farce” the “hue and cry” by certain states about partisanship by the Centre and called it an attempt to hide their own incompetence.

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