January 17, 2022

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TMC registers landslide win, Mamata Banerjee set for a third consecutive term

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The results of the legislative elections held in five states have arrived. It is clear in all the states whose government will be formed. According to the results, Mamta Banerjee’s party TMC has once again taken over the chair of power in West Bengal. Whereas in Assam, the Bharatiya Janata Party has once again emerged as the largest party. On the other hand, if we talk about Tamil Nadu, the DMK alliance has defeated the AIADMK alliance badly. In Kerala, the chair has once again gone to the left’s account, while the NDA government in Puducherry is seen to be formed.

Result of west bengal

According to the latest data available for the assembly elections, the trend of all 292 seats has come in 292 assembly seats in West Bengal. According to the Election Commission data, TMC has won 209 seats while 4 other seats have been captured. At the same time, BJP has won 76 seats while still leading in one seat. Here 2 seats have been left in the account of others.

However, Chief Minister and TMC supremo Mamta Banerjee have lost the election to her close rival Shubhendu Adhikari of BJP in Nandigram. After this victory, TMC will easily form the government for the third consecutive time in the state.

Mathematics of Tamil Nadu

According to the trends provided by the Election Commission for 234 seats, the DMK alliance has an edge in Tamil Nadu. The DMK has won 111 seats alone while it is still leading in 21 other seats. Here AIADMK has won 61 seats while leading in 6 other seats. In Tamil Nadu, the Congress has won 14 seats while leading in 4 seats. The remaining 17 other seats have been won by different parties.

State of Assam

According to the Election Commission data, the BJP coalition government is seen in Assam again. According to the trends available for 126 seats on the Election Commission’s website, BJP has won 60 seats alone. While Congress has captured 29 seats. Here AIUDF has won 16 seats. While the Assam Gana Parishad has 9 seats in its account. The remaining 12 seats have been occupied by different parties.

Amazing left in Kerala

The result of 140 assembly seats in Kerala has been reached. Here the left is visible. The CPM has won 62 seats, while the CPI has won 17 seats. At the same time, Congress has won 21 seats. Here Indian Union Muslim League has won 15 seats.

Partial status of Puducherry

The NDA government is seen to be forming in Puducherry. AINRC has won 10 seats in the state, while BJP has won 6 seats. These two parties have a pre-election alliance. Here DMK 6 while 6 other seats have been captured by independents. Congress has won two seats in Puducherry.

Where were the elections held in so many stages

Voting was held in West Bengal in eight phases between March 27 and April 29, while in Assam in three phases. Polls were held in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry in a single phase.

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