September 27, 2022

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New guidelines announced for Kumbh yatris

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More than 10 lakh devotees took a dip in the Ganges on the occasion of the royal bath on Wednesday at the Kumbh running in Haridwar, between Corona. It is now reported that the government is preparing to take strict steps regarding Kumbh. The Tirath government of Uttarakhand churned this on Wednesday.

Spokesperson Subodh Uniyal said that due to the crowd, there are constant problems in following the guidelines issued for covid-19 in Kumbh. Cases of corona positive are also increasing among pilgrims and saints. In such a situation, some strict steps can be taken.

Uniyal said, ‘The number of Yatris and saints in the Akhadas can be limited in Kumbh. Time can be set so that only a fixed number of people will be present in Kumbh at a time of day.

There may be strictness regarding social distancing and wearing masks

He told, ‘Some special rules can be made especially for Har Ki Pauri. The essentials of social distancing and masks can be strictly enforced. ‘ Uniyal said that apart from Kumbh, the number of people attending the wedding can be reduced to around 50. Full curfew can be imposed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Asked whether Kumbh can be finished before time. He said the government is not thinking so at the moment. We are preparing to take some strict steps to prevent the explosion of the epidemic. On the other hand, DGP Ashok Kumar has currently expressed ignorance about any such order. But he said, maybe some decisions should be taken.

According to the fair administration, on April 14, more than 10 lakh people took a second royal bath till 5 pm. There was a crowd of bathing people there. The next and last royal bath will now take place on 27 April.

The figure of corona infects is increasing continuously

After the first royal bath on April 12, DGP Ashok Kumar said that in view of the crowd in Kumbh, we have increased the Corona Testing to more than 50 thousand. On 11, 12, 13 April, 53,000, 49,000 and 60,000 people were tested continuously. On the first day, around 800 people, or 1.5 percent, were found infected. By the second day, this figure was around 900, and on the third day, around 1000 people were found infected.

However, the administration and DGP Ashok Kumar had clearly acknowledged that following the Corona guidelines was no longer possible. Ashok Kumar had said that we strictly followed the guidelines till 9-10 April but after that, there were problems in disciplining the crowd.

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